LCC – Your Local Specialists In Petrol Injector Servicing, Cleaning, Testing & Diagnosis

We clean, service, test and diagnose all the latest types of petrol injectors.

The range of injectors we service clean and test are: Piezo, GDI, Denso, Delphi, Bosch, Siemens, Weber, Jecs and TBI

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Some Symptoms of A Faulty Injector Are:

  • Lack of power, inconsistent performance
  • Excessive use of fuel – bad fuel economy
  • Very high exhaust emissions
  • Vehicle difficult to start
  • Rough idling

Correctly serviced and maintained injectors can:

  • Lower the levels of pollution
  • Increase the car’s performance
  • Reduce the car’s fuel consumption

To check that they are working correctly, fuel injectors must be tested for LEAKS, SPRAY PATTERNS and FLOW RATES over a range of engine speeds and millisecond opening times.

After cleaning, they are tested again.

The biggest failure of fuel injectors is RUST, caused by water contamination in the fuel system.

LCC Injector Servicing will provide a report with the final results and compare with the pre-clean Flow Rates and Spray Patterns.