Mechanical Repairs

/Mechanical Repairs

Mechanical Repairs

Car & 4WD Mechanical Repairs & Servicing

Regular maintenance will save you money over the life span of your vehicle so book your beloved Car or 4WD in for a service today.

Timing Belt

Timing Belts have a life span and can damage an engine when not replaced in time. Come in to Rolscar Tyre & Mechanical and let one of our experts take a look before it does any serious damage.

Turbo Charger Replacements

Not getting the performance out of your turbo? A damaged turbo can be replaced to achieve more performance so come it to Rolscar Tyre & Mechanical and let us work our magic.

Classic & Performance Vehicle Repairs

As we are older and more experienced mechanics we love working on and appreciate older cars. So if you are looking for someone that will respect your car as much as you do make sure you take it to the experts and Rolscar Tyre & Mechanical.

Pre Purchase Inspections

Let Rolscar Tyre & Mechanical take the stress out of buying that new car with a comprehensive report detailing its condition and upcoming expenses.

Manual & Automatic Transmission Repairs

Correct transmission maintenance saves fuel and transmission failure, so come in and see Rolscar Tyre & Mechanical today and start saving.

We Can Arrange

Roadworthy Repairs & Inspections

When buying or selling a car you will need to get a roadworthy done. At Rolscar Tyre & Mechanical we can arrange a comprehensive inspection service that could help you avoid buying a lemon.


Have a cracked or shattered windscreen? Rolscar Tyre & Mechanical can arrange a replacement windscreen for your vehicle.