Tune Up’s & Diagnosis

/Tune Up’s & Diagnosis

Tune Up’s & Diagnosis

Latest computer diagnostic equipment / Vehicle computer fault finding

Rolscar Tyre & Mechanical is proud to offer its customers the latest in computer diagnostic tools and vehicle fault finding, this equipment allows us to do a health check on your car. If the engine light stays on there is a problem and our sophisticated equipment will help find out what it is and how we can fix it.

Fuel System Repairs

Fuel lines and filters are like blood vessels for your car, if they get blocked up you are in big trouble. Don’t neglect the health of your car get in to Rolscar Tyre & Mechanical for a check up today.

Diesel Servicing & Repairs

Diesel systems today are high tech and must be maintained properly otherwise you will not be going anywhere. Don’t leave it to late come in to Rolscar Tyre & Mechanical today.