Full Service Auto Centre

Do you have a vehicle that needs servicing?

At Leading Carcare we put you and your vehicle first. We are a full-service automotive service centre that handles all makes and models of vehicles. We specialise in full car service, as well as quality performance parts and upgrades.

Our commitment to you is excellent service, competitive prices, and unrivalled service work.

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Latest Computer Diagnostic Equipment / Vehicle Computer Fault Finding

Leading Carcare is proud to offer its customers the latest in computer diagnostic tools and vehicle fault finding, this equipment allows us to do a health check on your car. If the engine light stays on there is a problem and our sophisticated equipment will help find out what it is and how we can fix it.

New Car Log Book Servicing

At leading Carcare we can source the genuine part you need for your car. Using genuine parts while your car is still under warranty will not void your new car warranty.

Wheel & Tyres

leading Carcare technicians will inspect, rotate, and balance your tyres when it comes time to replace them. Our professionals will determine the correct size and kind of tyre needed for the type of driving you do as well as properly install them.

We Can Arrange


Think your cars battery might need a change? Leading Carcare can arrange a free battery test and organsie to get it replaced

Wheel Alignment

Need to get a Wheel Alignment done? Leading Carcare can arrange it.